"Turn the Perfumes you Never Wear into Liquid Assets! We Give you Cash for Your Fragrance Collections, Vintage and Not!"

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How We Work With You

How we Work:

We can either Purchase your Perfumes Outright, and you’ll see an immediate return on your investment.
Or, you have the option of placing your perfumes on Consignment and we Will Sell them for You.

We’ve worked both ways in the past with clients and have been successful with both methods. Either way, You will receive higher Compensation than if you sell them at an Estate Sale, or Tag Sale!
When you sell with someone who is knowledgeable in the field, you’re already 3 steps ahead of where you would be selling with blinders on. Knowing beforehand what you have gives you a sense of security, which is what we offer you… A Sense of Security and Knowledge that You’ll Receive a Fair Amount for your Items.

Sell or Consign Your Perfumes

We Buy Your Perfumes

Yes! We’re interested in purchasing your perfume.  Just about all of them, especially your vintage bottles of perfume.  They don’t even have to be full, or new.. All that’s necessary is that they have labels and that the perfume inside has not turned rancid. You can easily contact us with our contact form, and let us know what you have.

We Take Your Perfumes on Consignment

We will sell your perfumes and other vintage items on a Consignment basis. You retain the ownership until they are sold. We take a commission for selling your items. We have many ways of selling perfumes and avenues that are not open to the public where we can often get higher prices for selling your perfumes for you.

Buy Our Perfumes

Why Buy Our Perfumes?

  • We Have a Great Return Policy
  • You Cannot Beat Our Low Prices
  • We Have a 100% Authenticity Guarantee
  • We Have Rare & Vintage Perfumes
  • We guarantee our perfumes to smell as they should
  • And, Great Customer Service

Buy Vintage Perfume At Great Prices

We have a large selection of Vintage and Hard to Find perfumes at Very Low prices. We also have many designer perfumes for sale. All our perfumes are guaranteed to be original and are backed by a 7 day – no questions asked – return policy if they are not as described… Many of our perfumes are used, which is how we keep our prices so low. Check out our Store now and see our used perfumes!

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